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dream meaning of ants

dream meaning of ants

If you see ants in your sleep or dream, it is evidence that you are a busy person in secondary or trivial matters in your life, and ants on the bed see him indicating the large number of children, exit of ants from the house indicates the intensity of spending or lack of livelihood.

black ants in the dream indicates the male sons, and termites in the dream indicates the female.

bite of ants in a dream symbolizes luck and an abundance of livelihood.

Eating black ants in a dream indicates the loss of a loved one, and eating termites in the dream indicates the capacity in money and livelihood and eating red ants indicates suspicious relationships and misconduct.

Ants in hair indicate small concerns and is a sign of depression and tightness.

large number of ants on the clothes indicate the high price tag or the severity of spending in order to buy them.



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