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dream meaning of clothes

dream meaning of clothes

If you wear clothes that do not suit you in the dream and can not be worn in fact, this is a sign of your attempt to deceive others and appear to be contrary to your truth.

If you dream that you are cleaning your dirty clothes, this is a sign that you are changing something that is not desirable in your personality. You may be working on getting rid of some old bad habits or trying to give up some old inappropriate ideas.

If you dream that you are wearing new clothes and clean, and one of the famous brands, this is a reference to your new behavior and your personality, which recently worked to correct the shortcomings and treatment of its shortcomings and you are working to clarify this image and the new ideal of others and express.

If you dream of wearing tight clothes, this indicates that you feel stuck in an undesirable situation.

If you dream that you are shopping in a clothing store, this is a sign that you are trying to adapt to the changes you have been practicing in your life and that you are concerned about your inability to do so.



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