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dream meaning of cows

dream meaning of cows

Cow in a dream has many meanings, it may indicate the good and growth and marriage of the girl may indicate the good and wealth and the crown and the inheritance, and the toxins indicate the years of prosperity and the next good and the trend and the Sultan and the poor indicates poverty and need and tight hand.

If she sees a single cow in a dream and was fat this was heralding a good and a broad livelihood comes and marriage in the near future.

White cow symbolizes the good of the land and the money and children, marriage and stability.

If seeing of eating raw beef in a dream indicates that the person who is seeing will suffer from the disease soon.

Seeing roast beef means a lot of money and a lot of money in the coming period.

Seeing a cow ride means riches and getting lots of money.

Seeing a cow chasing you in a dream means hearing happy news soon.

Seeing a group of chubby cows means a happy year filled with fertility and much good.



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