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dream meaning of death

dream meaning of death

If seeing himself die in the dream without any disease or fatigue, this indicates the length of the person's life.

If seeing himself die, he is naked and indicates that he will lack and lose a lot of money.

If seeing in a dream that he is dying and that there is a state of screaming and crying, this indicates that there is a calamity in the life of this person, which may indicate the destruction of his home as a result of problems and disagreements.

If seeing in a dream the death of the head of state or the death of one of the scholars, this indicates the occurrence of a great calamity and the spread of destruction in the country.

Death of the father in a dream shows the longevity and death of the mother in a dream increase in piety and worship and the death of the brother comes to you or the benefit and death of the sister's happiness.

Obituary and news of death in the interpretation of dreams shows the sudden events of the happy and happy, including the bad and sad.



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