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dream meaning of a dog

dream meaning of a dog

Dog in the interpretation generally indicates a weak person in a very hostile enmity.

Kill dogs in a dream is very well in the interpretation indicates the nail of the enemy or victory or oppression of obstacles and inhibitions.

Hunting dogs in a dream is good for all people if the sight of the visionary returning from fishing is a function of the disappearance of panic and trouble or concerns.

A dog that barks in a dream indicates harmful or hurt by a woman who is spiteful or spiteful.

The dog sometimes indicates disease or fever due to the planet called the dog which is the celestial planet which is when the Arabs in their ancient legends fever.

Seeing the dogs play or tremble in a dream shows Faraj after hardship.

Eating dog meat in a dream indicates the nail of an enemy.

beautiful dog in a dream shows a guard or someone who is trusted by the seer.



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