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dream meaning of eating

dream meaning of eating

Eating generally in the seeing symbolizes the good and the livelihood and longevity

Seeing the food and food in a dream of bread and meat and fruits and vegetables and even water and juice stating the meaning of hunger and thirst, psychological and spiritual besides indicating the need and deprivation or sensory and physical repression.

A table, dishes, food or food refers to the temptations of the world

Eating with a husband or wife indicates the good ten, communication and emotional harmony, and eating with the father, son or mother indicates the increase in good and livelihood, and eating with the companion or friend or companion or colleague or neighbor indicates the length of human cooperation

To see the person he eats the food in his dream and voracious randomize exaggerated symbolizes the selfish person and indulged in the lusts of the world and the pleasures and beyond through righteousness.

To see the person that deals with food flowery and decent manner as if eating with a fork and knife maintaining its appearance and maintaining the cleanliness of the place, which it refers to the balance of this person is emotionally and psychologically.

Seeing the same person in a dream does not want to eat and eat from it Although the food is delicious and beautiful indicates that this person has many chances of success, but he is wasting because of his idle and lazy

Seeing eating hard or slowly in a dream that the seer sees things around him with a narrow perspective and limited horizon and rejects many offers

A person's perception that he has eaten in a dirty, unclean place indicates that he has many health hazards.

Eating eat contains ingredients for dairy products such as cheese or yogurt or yogurt, etc. means profit, money and abundance.

Eating fruit in a dream will bring the next good, but eating nuts in a dream is a good thing to make a profit at work or trade.

The lack or refusal to eat or drink in a dream refers to unity and fear of the unknown and the future

Eating tasty and delicious in a dream means the achievement of a good and good livelihood due to the effort and fatigue in the previous period.



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