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dream meaning of eggs

dream meaning of eggs

If he sees the eggs in the pot he shows the horse of the women

If a person sees in his sleep as if his chickens were spawned, that indicates that he will give birth to a child

The cooked eggs, that is boiled, symbolize good living

Too much eggs in the interpretation of dreams indicates worries. It also shows hidden objects

Eggs in a single girl's dream, indicates that there are many opportunities to get to know the right person to marry

Eggs in a married pregnancy signify pregnancy, childbirth, and reproduction. A lot of eggs are indicative of the large number of girls. And boiled eggs indicate the facilitation of livelihood and money and raw eggs indicates the abundance of spending and broken eggs indicates the quarrel and disagreement and rivalry and buying eggs in the married dream shows new gains in the furniture of the house or buy a car or a new home.

Collecting eggs in a dream indicates the collection or saving of money and indicates the strength and status among people

If you see in your sleep that you buy eggs and eat it is a sign that there is a new opportunity to work either to buy eggs and give or give a gift to someone Fidel on the marriage of single or wealthy married.



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