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dream meaning of feces

dream meaning of feces

Feces in the dream indicates the disappearance of concerns and sorrows and the abundance of money and may indicate bad speech and scandal.

Seeing the feces in a dream shows the elimination of things and success and the passage of crises in peace and debt and the return of the absent and exit from prison and escape from the dangers.

If defecation in front of people in the street or in the public road indicates scandals and commit sins and infidelity or backbiting and gossip and sedition.

If a married woman shows her feces, this indicates that she has received a sum of money.

Seeing the faeces in a pregnant woman's pregnancy indicates that her birth or birth will be in peace and the vision will show her good health and her newborn.

Feces in a dream shows that getting money though at sea or river indicates the loss of money, and on the ground indicates the existence of some problems that need to be resolved.



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