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dream meaning of flying

dream meaning of flying

Dream of flying symbolizes elevation and elevation. It can also be considered a symbol of happiness, freedom or a generally good stage of life.

Sometimes the dream of flying indicates that you will make great progress and upgrade at work level or levels you would not have expected yourself to reach.

On the other hand, the dream of flying may indicate that you are trapped, trapped, living captive to difficult circumstances and hoping to escape from this painful situation for you.

If you find yourself rising only a small distance from the ground and there is something that hinders your start up, this means that there is a barrier in front of you prevents you from achieving your goals in life and prevents your progress.

Flying from the ground to the sky easily symbolizes a successful start. Flying from the sitting position means that luck will finally smile for you. If flying towards someone means that you will finally be able to cope with it and overcome it. Means that you have no one to help you achieve your goal.



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