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dream meaning of kissing

dream meaning of kissing

Kiss is an expression of the extent of love and affection among individuals, and we will review here dream meaning of kissing :

Interpretation of the vision of the kiss in the dream of the beloved indicates the amount of need for feelings of love and affection and a sense of safety of this person.

Kiss on the neck indicates the preoccupation of the visionary with a particular person who has a love, longing and a desire to be associated with him.

dream of kissing on the cheek for the married woman is good and the news is good to hear.

Kissing the beloved to his lover in a dream shows longing and desire.

Interpretation of the dream of kissing on the lips of married couples shows love and emotional stability.

Seeing kissing children demonstrates the friendliness and mutual cooperation of family members.

Kissing of the lips in the dead vision of the relatives is to obtain an inheritance or some property that the deceased has left.

Kissing a person known in a dream as a company manager, for example, indicates that the vision holder has a high position.



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