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dream meaning of money

dream meaning of money

Money is one of the essentials in life, without which the individual can not get all his daily needs, so everyone seeks to work for the money, but the person may see that he is making money and getting money in a dream and looking for the meaning of this dream in order to know what this means. The dream of good or evil, where the interpretation of money is different depending on the situation in which the person saw the money.

Getting rid of money in a dream indicates that this person will get rid of the worry, sadness and problems that he suffers.

If seeing that the money has been found, it indicates that this person will suffer from many problems.

If seeing a large amount of money in the dream but is far away from it, it indicates that he will hear good news and will receive the money but after a period of time.

If seeing in a dream that he has received a coin money, it indicates that he will get a good living and a good deal.

It may indicate seeing the money in a dream on bankruptcy!

Seeing of finding paper money for pregnant women is an indication of the difficulty of carrying it and its birth, and the married woman shows the vision of finding money on the many duties and responsibilities.



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