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Dream Meaning of Niqab

Dream Meaning of Niqab

Niqab in a dream is a symbol of chastity, jackets and niqab in the dream of a woman expresses the husband and symbolizes him as well.

Niqab in the dream of a single girl or unmarried woman is a sign and a sign of the existence of a man with her life cares and cares about and loves her so much.

If the pregnant woman sees a black veil in a dream, then that seeing will be a man being, and her seeing of the colored veil will be a human being for having a female child.

black niqab in the man's dream symbolizes the good of his religion as long as this niqab appearance is beautiful or new, but his seeing is torn and old, it means the bad seal

The removal of the niqab in the dream of the unmarried girl or the unmarried woman leads to the end of the relationship or the dissolution of the engagement. The view of removing the niqab in the bed of the married woman refers to the divorce, while removing the niqab in the man's den indicates leaving the work or the job.

The loss of the niqab is also a symbol of the disintegration of the prisoners

Ibn Sirin said that his seeing of buying niqab in a single or single dream symbolizes marriage



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