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dream meaning of numbers

dream meaning of numbers

Zero in the dream symbolizes women and fertility and is one of the numbers that predict the occurrence of pregnancy or childbirth for the married and pregnant.

Number one in a dream symbolizes the beginnings, basics or priority is the symbol of the beginning of love or marriage for the single girl.

Number two in a dream is a symbol of love and marriage and so is the symbol of beauty and femininity.

Number three in the interpretation of dreams is not like a number is the whole of everything that characterizes the person, and symbolizes the completion of construction and physical and psychological stability is a good indicator.

Number four corresponds to the box in geometric shapes and is a symbol of conservative, committed or hard-core mind, a sign of adherence to and adherence to origins, identity and creed.

Number five in the Dictionary of Dream Interpretation is the rule that expresses the four balances of life (ie passion, work, health, and money).

Number six in a dream is the figure that points to the end of a reign of strife and conflict.

Number seven in a dream is the key to secrets and a symbol of great luck.

Number eight in a dream is one of the numbers that symbolize recovery and recovery from an organic disease or psychological crisis.

Number nine in a dream is of numbers that symbolize hope, prosperity, reconciliation, success, and healing.

Number ten in a dream is one of the numbers that symbolize reproduction or abundance and double living and money is the symbol of leadership or governance.



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