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dream meaning of pig

dream meaning of pig

If I seeing a pig in a dream and a traveler pointed out this was a severe cold as well as heavy rain while traveling.

If seeing turning into a pig in a dream it will get a lot of money.

If seeing fights a pig in a dream will be able to be an unjust enemy and will defeat him.

If seeing was in the market and saw a dead pig would get a lot of halal money without being deceived.

Eating pork and this meat cooked or roasted this indicates that he will gain in his work.

Whoever was asleep and saw the pig was healthy was good it would be successful in his work.

Whoever drinks milk of pork in a dream indicates something bad in money or reason.

Seeing the pig only in a dream without a particular thing has indicated that he will overcome his problems.

Seeing that he is feeding the pigs in a pajamas will own more and so will his possessions. If he does trade in pigs in a dream, he will make a lot of money but will earn hard.

Seeing a pig in the house and was dead and points out that he was not hit by a curse he or one of his family members, but if he is dead in front of the house or behind it will hear bad news about something will happen but will not happen.



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