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Dream Meaning of President

Dream Meaning of President

The seeing of the presidents reflects a bright future for those who have seen the dream, and the rulers generally show their seeing of victory and victory in all areas of life. As for the president in the dream, he also has signs that reflect the gain and profit and interpret the seeing of the president according to the meaning and meaning of his name.

  • The death of the president in the dream or his death indicates that the prestige and deterioration of the situation.
  • The disease of the president in the dream shows envy and worries
  • Talking to the president or his axis in the dream indicates the coming of good and sadness.
  • Delivery to the president in the dream signifies blessing and success.
  • The president's smile in the dream means solving all the outstanding problems.
  • Striking the president or quarreling with him in the dream signifies ambition
  • The curse of the president in the dream or ridicule means money or lost
  • The marriage of the president in the dream is the success of the married and the betrothal of the B and the release of the bearer
  • Sitting with the president in a dream means affection and intimacy within the family
  • Dinner or lunch with the president means a lucrative deal to the dealer or businessman.
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