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Dream Meaning of rabbits

Dream Meaning of rabbits

The rabbit in the interpretation has many meanings is the symbol of fertility and reproduction and small rabbits in the interpretation indicates the livelihood

The rabbit in a woman's sleep indicates a quiet state of mind

The beautiful white rabbit in a lonely dream shows a good person or a friend

The black rabbit in a lonely sleep may not be as good as it may indicate a cowardly or wily person

If a married woman sees a large group of rabbits entering the house quietly, that is the interpretation of her livelihood.

If a married woman dreams in her dream of being annoyed or disturbed by the sight of many rabbits as she storms into the house or steals food, it indicates vigilance that there are hooligans trying to break into her private life and upset the atmosphere around her. This interpretation supports the dark color of the rabbit like black, brown or gray.

The white rabbit in a pregnant pregnancy may indicate the female child, especially if it is friendly and beautiful. The black, gray or brown rabbit may indicate the male child.

The beautiful white rabbit in a man's sleep signifies a good woman

A married man who sees in his manna as if he is playing or playing a little rabbit may preach to a new baby

Fat rabbits are good in visions and are in the interpretation of fertile years and development.

Hungry rabbits show greed by the cheaters or some close friends.

Large or wild rabbits are bad in the dream if they are violent or behave aggressively.

The bite of the rabbit in the dream hated because it expressed hostility or enmity between the seer and his family or friends or brothers and perhaps indicated the bite of the rabbit on the wrong behavior committed by the seer and then regret after.



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