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dream meaning of rain

dream meaning of rain

Rain in general symbolizes good and prosperity and indicates positive things. Water is the cause of life.

Seeing the rain in a dream is one of the things that bring peace and comfort in the soul, and may make the person feel bad in some cases according to the course of the dream.

When you dream of seeing rain in a dream and watching it from the window, it means that you will meet someone you love very much, or that you love someone close to you.

When you dream of rain only without seeing it, you are thinking of useful things and will benefit you.

When you dream of heavy rain, it means that you will overcome all the difficulties you face.

When a person dreams of the rain and sees him approaching, it means that he plans important things in his future and will succeed.

Whoever sees in the rain pajamas and falls over his friends indicates that you do not trust yourself and the reason your friends.

When someone dreams of rain with a rainbow in the dream, this is a symbol of happiness that will overwhelm him, and that he will be settled and safe.

If it is raining with thunder and lightning, it indicates changes that will occur to you and these changes may be happy and may be bad.

Heavy rain accompanied by thunderstorms indicates that bad things will occur, and this dream will warn them.



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