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dream meaning of snow

dream meaning of snow

Snow is its whiteness, which symbolizes goodness, tranquility, prosperity and snow, as well as a natural event that comes from the water, and in the interpretation of safety and like snow in the vision like rain is useful and good.

Melting snow may indicate that money has gone or that graces are gone.

Snow in the dream of a man's money or a long life and his whites in the dream of women shows the familiarity, happiness, love and snow in the sleep of the patient or the concerned sign of healing and salvation of trouble and pain and snow in the visions symbolizes peace, safety and peace of mind.

If you see in your dream like snow falling or accumulating on the road and the atmosphere of the dream free of storms or wind, it indicates a good thing, may relate to livelihood or health or the disappearance of trouble and achieve wishes.

Snow in a lonely sleep guide joy or pleasure is coming in the interpretation of good and stability.

As for those who see in their sleep as if they eat the snow or stuck it, they hit money and spend it quickly.

Snow falling in a married dream may reflect a material prosperity

Snow falling in the sleep of a pregnant woman heralds peace and safety and is an expression of good health

Snow accumulation in a dream in front of the man's house or place of work or trade indicates the existence of problems and concerns might hinder the way



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