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dream meaning of tsunami

dream meaning of tsunami

Seeing of tsunami in a dream indicates that the owner of this vision is in a state of instability in his feelings and feelings may indicate that it is time to graduate feelings and self-indulgence.

Seeing tsunami in a dream indicates that the dreamer is going through a difficult period and often this period is on an emotional level.

Tsunami in a dream indicates that the visionary is ahead of life but that change may not be desirable.

Tsunami in a dream indicates a number of bad feelings such as frustration and resentment in which the visionary lives.

If a person sees that he is between the tsunami, it indicates that he will be hit by him and his family and close to him a lot of damage in the coming period.

If a married woman sees a tsunami flood her house drowns, it indicates that she will be living in the coming period with a lot of good and good living.



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