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dream meaning of vomiting

dream meaning of vomiting

Vomiting in a dream disgusts and worries the person with the dream, where he feels that he is on the verge of illness and physical fatigue, as this dream makes the person who dreams wants to know the interpretation of that strange vision.

If a single girl sees vomiting in a dream, this is a sign that God will give her happiness, stability and joy in her life.

If the married lady saw that she was vomiting blood in the dream and was actually poor, this was proof that she would get a lot of money soon.

If a man sees that he is vomiting a snake, this means that he will soon die as well.

Seeing the man vomit in the dream and the man was in good health, it was a sign that the enemy who lurks away from him.

If the pregnant woman sees vomit in the dream, it is evidence that she will have a child who is free of diseases.

If the young man sees that he vomits good food and does not feel disgusted with him in a dream, this indicates that the young man's condition will change for the better.



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