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dream meaning of water

dream meaning of water

Water in the dream symbolizes many things like life, death, change, rebirth, and regeneration. If you dream of water and want an explanation for this dream, follow the paragraphs:

Generally, water refers to your own personal feelings of vigilance, which your subconscious mind imagines as water in your dream.

Dream that you are showering under the shower indicates that you need to take care of yourself and get rid of the stresses you are living in.

Rain falls on you in the dream, indicating the feelings of sadness or the desire to cry in fact, as it may indicate to purify your body of negative feelings and recovery from the grief and pain and regret and wounds that you suffered in your life in recent years.

While the pool indicates that you want to relax or that you finally face yourself and deal with your old wounds and emotions and get rid of the feelings of pain and sadness.

Your dream indicates holy water because you need guidance and spirituality in your life.

Dream flooding means that there are a lot of things in your life beyond your potential and you can not deal with it all or to a catastrophic situation you live in your reality.



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