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meaning of dreaming shoes

meaning of dreaming shoes

In general, the shoe in a man's dream is a work, a livelihood or a marriage. As for women, shoes symbolize the husband and son.

  • The black shoe in a dream symbolizes the work that requires strength and physical exertion, as it indicates the breadth and speed of earning, which is evidence of success and excellence in the field of work.
  • The brown shoe in the man's pen symbolizes dependence and idleness and reliance on others, but at the same time indicates the lucky and abundant luck.
  • The gray shoe in a single young man's sleep indicates a reluctance to take the marriage decision.
  • The white shoe in a dream is money in the way, or it has many benefits, and it is also said to travel to distant lands.
  • The red shoe in a man's sleep may symbolize the death of a relative.
  • Loss of a man's shoes, theft or even forgetting in a certain place is evidence of an honorable rank, promotion, transfer or temporary travel to a nearby country.



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