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owl in dream

owl in dream

Owl in the dream symbolizes wisdom, logic, common sense, awake conscience and strong intuition. The album in non-oriental cultures is a stingy man, an unjust ruler, or a woman with extreme envy or hatred. 

Seeing the owl in a dream means warning of an important issue or something serious

owl in a woman's sleep generally indicates that she will need self or positive energy to be able to cope with the dangers of everyday life and focus on long-term goals and aspirations related to passion, family, work, or job.

Hearing an owl in your dream reveals to you the pains and sorrows of the past that may surface on the surface of memory again.

The sound of the owl in a dream may indicate hearing an unpleasant news sometimes.

Seeing a dead owl in a dream shows something related to the loss of a loved one, and often the interpreters go to consider it a sign of pain, sadness, or parting.

The owl that attacks you in the dream is actually warning you of the bad thing hovering around you

Hunting the album in the dream indicates the making of mistakes or foolishness in the work and may indicate the act comes to the seer in vigilance and others throw it for him.

Seeing the owl flying away from you in the visions indicates the end of your worries and the end of your suffering and that it is very good waiting for you

If you see in your dream as if you turned into a bird album and you are one of those who tend to relax or entertainment, know that you are a person in dire need of effort, effort and work because your desired goal is soon, but it may be lost if not striving to achieve.

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