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9 99 999 9999 angel number meanings

9 99 999 9999 angel number meanings

9 99 999 9999 angel number

Keywords for number 9:

  • Teaching, healing, humanitarian, intelligence, discretion, brilliance, compassion, protection, responsibility, inner wisdom, loyalty, forgiveness, the ability to see clearly, integration, the three worlds – physical, intellectual, spiritual, last symbol before return to unity, ability to understand, inborn talents, compulsions, introspection, personal integrity, unity, truth, perfection, concord, dissolves ego attachments, challenges faced in looking for your own wisdom, Universal protection, good in public relations, responsible, 'Universal Brotherhood', inner wisdom, highly intuitive, strength of character, selfishness (learning to say No), humanitarian, creative abilities, sensitive, loyal, forgiving, generalist, multi-talented, teacher, teaching, healer, healing, artists, old soul, actor, intelligent, understanding, discreet, brilliant, compassionate, problem-solver, inner wisdom, highly intuitive, self-love, freedom, popular, eternity, generous, non-conformist, artistic genius, have a breadth of vision and a wide viewpoint, can be a little eccentric, communicative, influential, philanthropic, duty, calling, mission, obligation, mysticism, faith, optimism, Divine wisdom, self-sacrifice, karma, enlightenment, service, compassion, selflessness, high idealism, sympathy, psychic, tolerance, humility, altruism, benevolence, empathy, power, charity, intuition, perfection, the principle of a Universal philosophy or consciousness.

  • The number 9 is the number of completion and of endings. 

  • When 9’s appear repeatedly, it is a message that your ‘Life Purpose’ involves the giving of service through your natural skills, talents, interests and passions. 9’s indicate that it is a time to end a phase or relationship in your life which is no longer serving you. Do not fear ‘loss’ as ‘new’ will enter your life. You have lots of work to do in the future, so prepare yourself.

  • The number sequence 999 is indicating that the world needs your Divine Life Purpose at this time. Fully embark upon your sacred mission without hesitation or delay. Now is the time for you to realize your true light and purpose and to put them into practice in your life. You are asked to live your life in a positive and uplifting manner, in order to teach others by example. You are a torchbearer for others and the angels ask you to live up to your full potential for the benefit of all. 999 is a message to ‘Light workers’ to keep their light shining brightly



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