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dream about cats meaning

dream about cats meaning

dreams about cats

  • If you dream of seeing the cat on honesty, openness, familiarity and humanity. Or she is a woman who admires herself.

  • If you attack the cat in the dream, it means that there are enemies that will destroy your reputation in any way possible.

  • If you dream of a white, clean cat, this indicates a predicament that may seem harmless, but it will become a source of sadness and loss of money.

  • If you dream that a cat has scratched you, this will show that your enemy will steal from you.

  • If you hear the scream of a cat in the dream, you will meet a traitor.

  • If a girl dreams that she is carrying a cat she will fall under the influence of betraying others.

  • When you see the black cat walking towards you in the dream, it brings you good luck, but if you walk in the opposite direction, it means that it takes good luck with it.

  • If you see the tail of a black cat in a dream, it means you are lucky in love.



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