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dream about frogs meaning

dream about frogs meaning

dreams about frogs

  • frog in a dream, multiple and different, has many implications in terms of the shape of the frog, its color or size, may indicate the good, and may indicate the difficulties and troubles

  • black frog in a dream indicate selfishness and greed.

  • Seeing the little frog in her dream may indicate pleasure, happiness and joy.

  • big frog in the dream may indicate the good and livelihood

  • Jumping the frog in a dream may indicate a travel.

  • frog in a dream on the bed signifies procreation and pregnancy.

  • Seeing the big frog in the kitchen, indicate happiness, and seeing it at the door, may indicate the arrival of a guest.

  • White frog, may indicate good and good luck.

  • green frog symbolizes the wise man, the wise, and the good friendز



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