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dream about pigs meaning

dream about pigs meaning

dreaming about pigs

  • many pigs in a dream means that you have an unparalleled wealth.

  • Riding the back of a pig in a dream means you are winning over enemies.

  • Seeing someone that he owned a group of pigs in his home in a dream, this is proof that he will earn wealth or will collect money as many pigs that he saw in the dream and its sizes as well.

  • Seeing a pig in a dream A pregnant woman is a reference to the good and livelihood, God willing.

  • Pork in a dream indicates a disease that affects the body.

  • Cooked pork is a sign of lying, but raw pork is a sign of treachery.

  • Eating pork in a dream, whether grilled or cooked for the person who sees it, is proof that he has earned money in his trade without getting tired of it.

  • Young pigs in the dream, means some of the calamities that hurt him.



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