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dream about whales meaning

dream about whales meaning

whale in a dream

  • whale is one of the most dangerous and dangerous marine organisms, with a weight of more than 20 meters.

  • Whale in a dream expresses power and authority and take over the top positions if the seer is qualified for this.

  • whale may indicate the psychological stability and tranquility of the seer.

  • mother's vision of the whale in her sleep may indicate the strength of her motherhood and her desire to preserve her children and protect them from any danger they may be exposed to.

  • whale may indicate a long-awaited security or desire to get something precious and expensive.

  • if sees in a dream that a big whale is coming to him, this indicates an important event that will happen to you soon.

  • if sees in a dream that he is hunting a whale, this indicates your exploitation of human attitudes and qualities in some of you for your benefit.



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