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dream about wolves attacking meaning

dream about wolves attacking meaning

dreams about wolves attacking

  • Seeing a wolf in a dream may indicate a lot of good and intelligence in the work that leads to the promotion and hear the good words of the boss.

  • also wolf in a dream may generally indicate the false person who is in your life and close to you, or the hypocritical person who shows love only but inside him a strong hostility to you, and may indicate a thief or a thief deceives you to reach his goal.

  • hears in the dream the howling of the wolf, it indicates a scheming that is planned for you while you are in ignorance, and perhaps indicates loneliness and fear.

  • seeing in a dream many wolves, this indicates the multitude of enemies around you.

  • sees in a dream that the wolf has eaten his arm or his foot indicates the vision of evil and that his enemy is a rival to him who tries to harm him and will succeed in that either by harming his children or his wife or the loss of his money.

  • black and white wolf in a dream are both evil, but the black wolf is the most dangerous when you see it in a dream.

  • success of the black wolf in attacking it means insulting the seer in something dear to him.



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