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dream about wolves meaning

dreams about wolves

  • Wolf in a dream of animals that indicate seeing in a dream to the occurrence of evil among people in a vision in the dream indicates the existence of a person causing hostility and hatred among people.

  • wolf in a dream indicates the deception and deception. The wolf may indicate in a dream the thief.

  • wolf in a dream denotes evil by all kinds, symbolizing the deceitful person who deceives people in order to obtain money or obtain lust.

  • In a dream that a wolf follows, this indicates that there is a deceptive enemy lying to the visionary who wants to betray it.

  • wolf in the house indicates in a dream the presence of a thief who will try to steal this house.

  • bite of the wolf in a dream indicates that there are those who plan to deprive the dreamer of harm.

  • Wolves in a dream indicate the multitude of enemies, and may indicate wolves in a dream to accuse falsehood of some people or the wolf may indicate the thief who repent later, also indicates in the dream to think about concerns.



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