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dreams about black snake meaning

dreams about black snake meaning

dreams about black snake

  • Snakes are the most dangerous animals living in the desert and in agricultural places, which cause a serious danger to the human approach to him or his food.

  • Black Snake is the most serious snake species and the most dangerous.

  • If the single girl sees that there is a black snake and was chasing her as she tried to escape from him, Fidel sleep that God avoids the occurrence of problems and makes her exit from the difficult crises in her life.

  • If the married woman sees that she sees in her house some black snakes that are roaming around her house, the dream indicates the presence of some unfortunates who bring problems and evil in her life.

  • If a man sees that he is being bitten by a snake in a dream, the dream is revealed to be a major crisis and a major problem in his life.

  • killing of the snake indicates the elimination of enemies and victory over the enemy.



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