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dreams about donkey meaning

dreams about donkey meaning

dreams about donkey

  • donkey is one of the animals created by God to help man in the work of agriculture and weight lifting is one of the animals useful to humans.

  • Seeing a donkey in a dream symbolizes the benefit and good in the life of the dreamer.

  • If a single girl sees that she has a black donkey in a dream, she gets the dignity and authority and she accepts new days in her life filled with happiness and pleasure.

  • If the married woman sees that she is riding on a donkey and it is white, the dream indicates that she is rid of the crises that she was going through, whether physical or psychological crises.

  • If a man sees in a dream that he sees the donkey in a dream riding on it, he indicates that he will get a rise in the affair and may indicate the profit of the trade or promotion at work or job.



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