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dream about black sheep meaning

meaning of black sheep
sheep indicates the mighty men with their bodies and their authority.
Buying a sheep in a dream indicates that the seer survives the illness or the loss.
seeing a black sheep in the dream signifies peace with power.
black sheep in a dream refers to the money and the abundant livelihood and the good is much if the woman is pregnant, but in the sleep of the unmarried girl refers to the first love story in her life.
seeing a white sheep in a dream is based on purity.

dream about deer meaning

deer in dreams
Seeing the deer in a dream indicates that it symbolizes good luck.
See the dead deer in a dream on failure.
In general, killing a deer in a dream indicates betrayal and treachery among friends.
Dead deer in a dream indicates to a false and finished friendship.
escape of the deer from the dreamer in a dream is proof that the seer is losing many precious opportunities in his life.
Seeing the attempt to hold the deer in a dream is proof that he has a bold personality and loves the many adventures of his life.
Seeing the blood of the deer in the dream indicates the dreamer's passage through many problems and troubles in his life.
Seeing a beautiful deer in a man's dream indicates improving his life.

dream about pigs meaning

dreaming about pigs
many pigs in a dream means that you have an unparalleled wealth.
Riding the back of a pig in a dream means you are winning over enemies.

Seeing someone that he owned a group of pigs in his home in a dream, this is proof that he will earn wealth or will collect money as many pigs that he saw in the dream and its sizes as well.

Seeing a pig in a dream A pregnant woman is a reference to the good and livelihood, God willing.

Pork in a dream indicates a disease that affects the body.

Cooked pork is a sign of lying, but raw pork is a sign of treachery.

Eating pork in a dream, whether grilled or cooked for the person who sees it, is proof that he has earned money in his trade without getting tired of it.

Young pigs in the dream, means some of the calamities that hurt him.

dream about whales meaning

whale in a dream

whale is one of the most dangerous and dangerous marine organisms, with a weight of more than 20 meters.

Whale in a dream expresses power and authority and take over the top positions if the seer is qualified for this.

whale may indicate the psychological stability and tranquility of the seer.

mother's vision of the whale in her sleep may indicate the strength of her motherhood and her desire to preserve her children and protect them from any danger they may be exposed to.

whale may indicate a long-awaited security or desire to get something precious and expensive.

if sees in a dream that a big whale is coming to him, this indicates an important event that will happen to you soon.

if sees in a dream that he is hunting a whale, this indicates your exploitation of human attitudes and qualities in some of you for your benefit.

dream about dolphins meaning

dreaming of dolphins
dolphins is an animal that favors fun and play especially with humans.

Seeing a dolphin indicates on family bonding family and love each other.

Dolphin swimming in water is a sign of optimism and getting good news.

Seeing a dolphin at times is proof of the existence of enemies in the life of the seer.

Seeing the dolphin in the dream indicates well-being and good.

If a person sees the dolphin swimming in water with waves, it indicates the problems that the person is in.

dream about an elephant meaning

dreams about elephants
Seeing the elephant in a dream is a good thing, indicating an increase in livelihood and luck.

Riding the elephant in the dream is a sign of injustice, but when you see people fighting on the back of a villa, they win the war.

White elephant in a dream sign of pregnancy with a new baby.

Seeing a dead elephant in a dream is a sign of unpleasant events that will occur.

If the elephant is sleeping on your bed, this is a sign that you will have a new baby.

If he were in the kitchen, he would have a good livelihood.

elephant's death refers to the death of the king, the leader or president .

dream about cows meaning

dreams about cows
cow in the dream refers to the number of years.

Seeing a cow hit in a dream proves to be a problem.

Seeing the fall of the cow in a dream is evidence of the death of the seer in the same year.

Seeing the black cow in a dream refers to the good as well as the end of the worries and sorrows that affect it.

Seeing flesh and cowhide in a dream is a sign of money in truth.

Generally the white cow in the dream refers to money and good.

Seeing the blood of the cow that has been slaughtered indicates the disappearance of worry and disease.

dream about rats meaning

dreams about rats

rats of a dream and reality indicate panic and anxiety.

black mouse in a dream may indicate a dark night.

white mouse may indicate long life.

Seeing the killing of rats in a dream may indicate the elimination of enemies and victory over them.

If a rats plays at home it is a sign of good.

dream about rabbits meaning

dreams about rabbits
rabbit is one of the very pets that many people love, whether when eating or looking at them.

Seeing of small rabbits indicate sadness and fatigue. 

Seeing of eaten rabbits dead may indicate that the hated may affect his children.

Seeing the wild rabbit in the dream indicate that there is something you will lose in a mysterious way.

If you see dogs chasing rabbits in the dream, this indicates problems and conflicts between your friends.

If a person sees in a dream that he is trying to catch the rabbit by beating him with fire, it indicates that this person will receive a reward or a business.

dream about octopus meaning

dreams about octopus
octopus in a dream shows strength and determination.

Seeing the octopus in a dream is a sign of the power of personality, good morals, and moral values.

married woman in a dream, as if she were eating octopus, is proof of her conviction and the love of good for others.

If a girl in the dream saw the octopus in black and followed her and chased her, this is evidence of the existence of the envious people around her who do not want her good.

Seeing the octopus is very much more than it really is, it means that the dreamer will be left with too much money.

Seeing the octopus hit in a dream is proof of victory over his opponent and overcoming him.

dream about tiger meaning

dreams about tiger
tiger is one of the wildest, fiercest and most powerful animals in real life.

Seeing the tiger in a dream is proof of the strength and courage of the seer.

If a tiger is seen trapped in a cage in the zoo, it is a serious danger to his vision.

drinking milk of the tiger means the birth of many enemies to the dreamer.

Seeing the fear and fear of seeing the tiger in a dream is evidence of the breakdown of many things in the life of the seer.

Seeing the tiger chasing the seer is proof of the oppression and the extreme injustice that falls on the seer.

If she sees that the tiger is calm and plays in her home, this indicates the marital happiness in which she lives.

dream about frogs meaning

dreams about frogs

frog in a dream, multiple and different, has many implications in terms of the shape of the frog, its color or size, may indicate the good, and may indicate the difficulties and troubles

black frog in a dream indicate selfishness and greed.

Seeing the little frog in her dream may indicate pleasure, happiness and joy.

big frog in the dream may indicate the good and livelihood

Jumping the frog in a dream may indicate a travel.

frog in a dream on the bed signifies procreation and pregnancy.

Seeing the big frog in the kitchen, indicate happiness, and seeing it at the door, may indicate the arrival of a guest.

White frog, may indicate good and good luck.

green frog symbolizes the wise man, the wise, and the good friendز

dream about wolves attacking meaning

dreams about wolves attacking
Seeing a wolf in a dream may indicate a lot of good and intelligence in the work that leads to the promotion and hear the good words of the boss.

also wolf in a dream may generally indicate the false person who is in your life and close to you, or the hypocritical person who shows love only but inside him a strong hostility to you, and may indicate a thief or a thief deceives you to reach his goal.

hears in the dream the howling of the wolf, it indicates a scheming that is planned for you while you are in ignorance, and perhaps indicates loneliness and fear.
seeing in a dream many wolves, this indicates the multitude of enemies around you.
sees in a dream that the wolf has eaten his arm or his foot indicates the vision of evil and that his enemy is a rival to him who tries to harm him and will succeed in that either by harming his children or his wife or the loss of his money.
black and white wolf in a dream are both evil, but the black wolf is the most danger…

dream about wolves meaning

dreams about wolves
Wolf in a dream of animals that indicate seeing in a dream to the occurrence of evil among people in a vision in the dream indicates the existence of a person causing hostility and hatred among people.

wolf in a dream indicates the deception and deception. The wolf may indicate in a dream the thief.

wolf in a dream denotes evil by all kinds, symbolizing the deceitful person who deceives people in order to obtain money or obtain lust.

In a dream that a wolf follows, this indicates that there is a deceptive enemy lying to the visionary who wants to betray it.

wolf in the house indicates in a dream the presence of a thief who will try to steal this house.

bite of the wolf in a dream indicates that there are those who plan to deprive the dreamer of harm.

Wolves in a dream indicate the multitude of enemies, and may indicate wolves in a dream to accuse falsehood of some people or the wolf may indicate the thief who repent later, also indicates in the dream to think about conce…

dream about cats meaning

dreams about cats
If you dream of seeing the cat on honesty, openness, familiarity and humanity. Or she is a woman who admires herself.

If you attack the cat in the dream, it means that there are enemies that will destroy your reputation in any way possible.

If you dream of a white, clean cat, this indicates a predicament that may seem harmless, but it will become a source of sadness and loss of money.

If you dream that a cat has scratched you, this will show that your enemy will steal from you.

If you hear the scream of a cat in the dream, you will meet a traitor.

If a girl dreams that she is carrying a cat she will fall under the influence of betraying others.

When you see the black cat walking towards you in the dream, it brings you good luck, but if you walk in the opposite direction, it means that it takes good luck with it.
If you see the tail of a black cat in a dream, it means you are lucky in love.

dream about a lion meaning

dreams about lions
Lion is the king of the jungle and is the strongest animal on the wild.

If a person sees a lion entering his city, this indicates the spread of ignorance and illness in this town.

Fear of a lion in a dream indicates the opinion of the catastrophe and problems

Fighting the lion indicates hostility and rivalry.

seeing of riding the lion, indicated rise in many prestige.

Seeing a lion's house indicates that he will get rid of problems and tribulations.

Seeing of carrying a lion signifies proximity to the high-ranking.

If he sees that he is raising a lion in the house, it indicates that he will have a great affair.

If the sees of the lion's wound to the same person indicates that the problems, loss and harm.

dream about scorpions meaning

dreams about scorpions
Seeing Scorpion in a dream that raise both horror and curiosity.

Seeing scorpions in a dream indicate the funds.

See Scorpio in a dream that symbolizes the arch enemy and the mind.

Scorpion bite in the dream may indicate the going of money.

Scorpion bite in the chest on the harm that affects the seer with the safety of his chest, such as hatred or jealousy.

Scorpio bite in the face shows apparent hostility.

scorpion bite in the eye indicates envy, resentment and hatred.

holds the scorpion by hand generally indicates the ability of the enemy.

dream about turtles meaning

dreams about turtles
turtle is a perennial animal that lives for hundreds of years and has the ability to be patient in order to achieve its goals.

Seeing a turtle in a dream shows asceticism in life.

Eating turtle meat in the dream indicates that the seer enjoys a lot of useful science.

Seeing a sea turtle indicates travel soon.

Seeing the tortoise in the kitchen means that the seer gets a lot of livelihood and good fortune.

Seeing the turtle on the pregnant woman's bed means she will give birth soon and will achieve a lot of good after childbirth.

dream about alligators meaning

dreams about alligators
Seeing the alligators in a dream indicate failure and laziness
If someone sees alligator in the dream that he has withdrawn a swim from the sea, he will triumph over his enemy.

If someone sees in the dream that he eats the alligator meat or gets its fat or skin or anything from the alligators body, it will get as much money as it gets from the alligator.

If someone sees a alligator chasing him in his house, this indicates that the seer is in a crisis and he must be careful and try to get out of this crisis.

Seeing the killing of the alligator in a dream in general indicates victory over the enemies and get rid of them.

dreams about bear meaning

dreams about bear bear is one of the polar animals that prefer to live in the ice.

Seeing a very thin bear in a dream is a sign of getting rid of the debt that piling up on her dreamer soon.

If the girl in a dream sees that she is raising the bear, this indicates the breadth and good fortune.

Seeing a bear in a man's sleep is a sign of getting rid of problems and disagreements.

bear is slaughtered in a dream, so it is the demise of the worry.

Seeing a large brown bear is a sign of good and livelihood.

If a person sees a black bear in his dream, this indicates the presence of hackers and enemies around him and must be very careful.

Seeing a bear in a young man's dream is a sign of marriage soon.

panda bear in a dream is a sign of the peace of mind and the psychological comfort enjoyed by the seer.

Seeing a panda bear running behind a guide to achieving something he wanted to achieve from a very large period.
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