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dream meaning of wedding dress

White wedding dress is closely related to joy and pleasure, it is considered a delightful tradition, and its white color is the color of purity and happiness.

If the same lonely girl is wearing the wedding dress, this is a sign of a great joy that she will meet within a few days.

White wedding dress indicates that the married woman's dream of good is a sign that she will enjoy a psychological comfort and happiness filled with her heart, as it may indicate changes in her favor change from the course of the chain of trouble that she was going through in advance.

White seeing the pregnant woman herself wearing a wedding dress is a sign of fetal safety is the symbol of healing.

dream meaning of frogs

Interpretation of the vision of the frog in a dream and its meaning in detail indicates hunting frogs for oppression and injustice.

Hunt the frog in a dream shows good if the frog is small and if the frog is so large it is the presence of problems and difficulties.
Big frog in a dream indicates the good and livelihood of the visionary, while the frog's jump indicates a journey.
Ibn Sirin said in the interpretation of the vision of the frog in a dream, which means in detail that if the frogs are eaten in a dream, it indicates good and well-being. Green frog in a dream shows good while seeing the black frog shows evil and hatred.
Presence of the frog in a woman's dream indicates that she is a committed woman who does not cause distress to anyone.

dream meaning of hiding

If you dream that you are hiding inside your home, this indicates success and that success you have achieved is on your own and no one has helped you. Use this positive energy to make progress in your life and make a big difference for the better.
If you dream that you are hiding inside a building, it means that you can achieve great success in life and no one will be able to approach you and destroy your success. This may be because of bad experiences that you have experienced in your life and taught you to be careful and be careful and protect yourself from the machinations you may experience.
If you dream that you are hiding among forest trees, this dream means that you are inside you want to feel free. This feeling is often due to the intense stress you are experiencing in your life, or because you are frustrated by everything and you do not know how to drop the load from your shoulders to take a break.
If you dream that you are hiding under your bed, you tend to hide your feelin…

dream meaning of clothes

If you wear clothes that do not suit you in the dream and can not be worn in fact, this is a sign of your attempt to deceive others and appear to be contrary to your truth.
If you dream that you are cleaning your dirty clothes, this is a sign that you are changing something that is not desirable in your personality. You may be working on getting rid of some old bad habits or trying to give up some old inappropriate ideas.
If you dream that you are wearing new clothes and clean, and one of the famous brands, this is a reference to your new behavior and your personality, which recently worked to correct the shortcomings and treatment of its shortcomings and you are working to clarify this image and the new ideal of others and express.
If you dream of wearing tight clothes, this indicates that you feel stuck in an undesirable situation.
If you dream that you are shopping in a clothing store, this is a sign that you are trying to adapt to the changes you have been practicing in your life…

dream meaning of water

Water in the dream symbolizes many things like life, death, change, rebirth, and regeneration. If you dream of water and want an explanation for this dream, follow the paragraphs:

Generally, water refers to your own personal feelings of vigilance, which your subconscious mind imagines as water in your dream.

Dream that you are showering under the shower indicates that you need to take care of yourself and get rid of the stresses you are living in.

Rain falls on you in the dream, indicating the feelings of sadness or the desire to cry in fact, as it may indicate to purify your body of negative feelings and recovery from the grief and pain and regret and wounds that you suffered in your life in recent years.

While the pool indicates that you want to relax or that you finally face yourself and deal with your old wounds and emotions and get rid of the feelings of pain and sadness.

Your dream indicates holy water because you need guidance and spirituality in your life.

Dream flooding mean…

dream meaning of lice

If the vision that he saw lice in his clothes or shirt means that there is a change in his life.

If he sees a lot of lice in the ground, it indicates that the people are in contact with them and can not do harm.

If he sees that he sees many large lice, this indicates the army or a large number of children or servants.

If he sees that he is throwing the lice, which is an animal, this indicates that he is far from religion.

If he sees that he eats the lice, that indicates that the people are tempted.

dream meaning of yellow

Interpretation of yellow color in a dream may indicate joy and optimism as well as refers to beauty.

Pale yellow color is not good and refers to diseases, pains, pains and problems.

If someone sees that he is wearing yellow clothes indicates the stability of family life and fun and joy.

If he saw the yellow sleeping shirt / lingerie has many implications may indicate the stability and emotional harmony and intimate relationship between the wife and her husband.

And who sees himself wearing pale yellow colors of shirt and trousers this indicates the disease.

dream meaning of cake

Cakes in a dream = little money.

If the dreamer sees cakes towards an individual who can not eat the cakes, then the dream is a sign of concern, distress, distress and hardship.

If you see a cake with white cream, it is a sign of relaxation, relaxation and comfort.

Eid cakes It refers to a beautiful speech said in your right or beautiful links established between you and modern people.

When a person dreams that he is preparing the wedding cake, that dream indicates that the good luck of that individual will get many of the topics he wants in his life.

If the individual's dream of a cake is decorated with chocolate, that dream is evidence that the individual will change his or her conditions in kind.

dream meaning of worms

Seeing the black or white worm in a dream is not good and indicates evil.

worm in the bed indicates the children, but they may be enemies of the vision or illegitimate sons.

And women who saw in a dream that the bed filled with dew, whether white or black, this indicates the one who hates it from the children or close to her.

If the visionary sees that he kills the worm, this indicates some damage that may be caused.

If a man sees that he eats and finds dodges in food, or he drinks water or juice and finds worms inside water or juice, this indicates money and livelihood.

dream meaning of tsunami

Seeing of tsunami in a dream indicates that the owner of this vision is in a state of instability in his feelings and feelings may indicate that it is time to graduate feelings and self-indulgence.

Seeing tsunami in a dream indicates that the dreamer is going through a difficult period and often this period is on an emotional level.

Tsunami in a dream indicates that the visionary is ahead of life but that change may not be desirable.

Tsunami in a dream indicates a number of bad feelings such as frustration and resentment in which the visionary lives.

If a person sees that he is between the tsunami, it indicates that he will be hit by him and his family and close to him a lot of damage in the coming period.

If a married woman sees a tsunami flood her house drowns, it indicates that she will be living in the coming period with a lot of good and good living.

dream meaning of rats

Dream of seeing of rats is a sign of bounty and money.

Dream of seeing one mouse in a dream, this mouse was a sign of a bad woman in the life of the dreamer.

Dream of having a large number of mice in his house, this was an indication that his house was full of good and well-being, as mice were always looking for food.

Dream of seeing that he was killing a mouse in a dream was a sign that he would overcome a bad woman's sedition.

Dream a lot of mice, which are white and black, but they are in a well, this indicates the near end.

dream meaning of horse

Seeing of the horse symbolizes dignity, superiority and sovereignty.

Seeing horses in general in a dream is a sign of money and livelihood.

Seeing horse riding in a dream , this indicates the top rank and big thing.

Interpretation of Ibn Sirin Seeing the horse in a dream, this indicates the livelihood and good.

Interpretation of the vision of a horse running, this indicates that he does sin, and when seeing the Persians from afar, this indicates the livelihood and money is abundant, and it is believed that leads a horse, this indicates that he is a decent man.

dream meaning of fish

Seeing fish in a dream indicates a lot of good that everyone wants.

If a married woman sees fish in a dream in a few ways, it means that she will have a lot of money and a great living for her and her family.

If a woman is pregnant and sees in her sleep cooked fish, this means that she will earn a lot of good and living on the face of her new baby.

If a person sees himself in a dream eating a grilled fish, this means spending a person's need.

If the same person sees salted fish and is highly salty, it means that this person suffers a lot in his life.

If a man sees himself in a dream buying fish, this means that he will marry a close relative of a good girl.

If the woman sees herself buying raw fish, this means that she will bring a lot of good and welfare to her and her family.

If a person sees a gift of fish in a dream, then this means that there is a valid livelihood for the person in the next period of his life.

dream meaning of numbers

Zero in the dream symbolizes women and fertility and is one of the numbers that predict the occurrence of pregnancy or childbirth for the married and pregnant.

Number one in a dream symbolizes the beginnings, basics or priority is the symbol of the beginning of love or marriage for the single girl.

Number two in a dream is a symbol of love and marriage and so is the symbol of beauty and femininity.

Number three in the interpretation of dreams is not like a number is the whole of everything that characterizes the person, and symbolizes the completion of construction and physical and psychological stability is a good indicator.

Number four corresponds to the box in geometric shapes and is a symbol of conservative, committed or hard-core mind, a sign of adherence to and adherence to origins, identity and creed.

Number five in the Dictionary of Dream Interpretation is the rule that expresses the four balances of life (ie passion, work, health, and money).

Number six in a dream is the fig…

dream meaning of kissing

Kiss is an expression of the extent of love and affection among individuals, and we will review here dream meaning of kissing :

Interpretation of the vision of the kiss in the dream of the beloved indicates the amount of need for feelings of love and affection and a sense of safety of this person.

Kiss on the neck indicates the preoccupation of the visionary with a particular person who has a love, longing and a desire to be associated with him.

dream of kissing on the cheek for the married woman is good and the news is good to hear.

Kissing the beloved to his lover in a dream shows longing and desire.

Interpretation of the dream of kissing on the lips of married couples shows love and emotional stability.

Seeing kissing children demonstrates the friendliness and mutual cooperation of family members.

Kissing of the lips in the dead vision of the relatives is to obtain an inheritance or some property that the deceased has left.

Kissing a person known in a dream as a company manager, f…

dream meaning of flying

Dream of flying symbolizes elevation and elevation. It can also be considered a symbol of happiness, freedom or a generally good stage of life.

Sometimes the dream of flying indicates that you will make great progress and upgrade at work level or levels you would not have expected yourself to reach.

On the other hand, the dream of flying may indicate that you are trapped, trapped, living captive to difficult circumstances and hoping to escape from this painful situation for you.

If you find yourself rising only a small distance from the ground and there is something that hinders your start up, this means that there is a barrier in front of you prevents you from achieving your goals in life and prevents your progress.

Flying from the ground to the sky easily symbolizes a successful start. Flying from the sitting position means that luck will finally smile for you. If flying towards someone means that you will finally be able to cope with it and overcome it. Means that you have no one …

dream meaning of cows

Cow in a dream has many meanings, it may indicate the good and growth and marriage of the girl may indicate the good and wealth and the crown and the inheritance, and the toxins indicate the years of prosperity and the next good and the trend and the Sultan and the poor indicates poverty and need and tight hand.

If she sees a single cow in a dream and was fat this was heralding a good and a broad livelihood comes and marriage in the near future.

White cow symbolizes the good of the land and the money and children, marriage and stability.

If seeing of eating raw beef in a dream indicates that the person who is seeing will suffer from the disease soon.

Seeing roast beef means a lot of money and a lot of money in the coming period.

Seeing a cow ride means riches and getting lots of money.

Seeing a cow chasing you in a dream means hearing happy news soon.

Seeing a group of chubby cows means a happy year filled with fertility and much good.

dream meaning of pregnancy

Seeing of a single married woman herself in a dream shows that she is increasing income but will hardly make it or make a lot of money in the coming period of her life but in a difficult way.

Seeing a married woman herself in a dream is not really pregnant, it symbolizes good in her life.

Seeing pregnancy in a dream for a single girl without marriage evidence of the existence of problems and concerns will disappear soon.

Seeing of pregnancy in pregnant woman's pregnancy indicates that she suffers from many psychological stresses as a result of pregnancy and excessive thinking in it.

If a man sees that he is pregnant and has a large belly, this indicates that he is hiding a great secret on his family and is afraid of exposing his order.

If a student indicates that he is suffering from anxiety and tension about the outcome.

dream meaning of pig

If I seeing a pig in a dream and a traveler pointed out this was a severe cold as well as heavy rain while traveling.

If seeing turning into a pig in a dream it will get a lot of money.

If seeing fights a pig in a dream will be able to be an unjust enemy and will defeat him.

If seeing was in the market and saw a dead pig would get a lot of halal money without being deceived.

Eating pork and this meat cooked or roasted this indicates that he will gain in his work.

Whoever was asleep and saw the pig was healthy was good it would be successful in his work.

Whoever drinks milk of pork in a dream indicates something bad in money or reason.

Seeing the pig only in a dream without a particular thing has indicated that he will overcome his problems.

Seeing that he is feeding the pigs in a pajamas will own more and so will his possessions. If he does trade in pigs in a dream, he will make a lot of money but will earn hard.

Seeing a pig in the house and was dead and points out that he was not h…

dream meaning of turtles

If the dream of a sea turtle, this indicates that it is ahead of a successful and successful travel.

If anyone sees that in his house live with him a turtle, this is a sign of great good, which is a dream of optimism and happiness.

If one sees that there is a turtle in the courtyard of his house, this indicates tranquility and tranquility in the house.

If the unmarried woman sees in the dream that she is holding a turtle in her hand, it indicates that she will marry one of the men who will spend it generously.

If you dream that you are kissing a turtle, this is indicates a waiting for good news.

If the married woman sees in a dream that there is a turtle found and living in the house, this indicates that the husband is sincere, loving and sincere.

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